Aceh Qanun No. 17 of 2013 on the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation for Aceh

This qanun establishes a Commission for Truth and Reconciliation for Aceh to reveal the truth behind the various human rights violations committed by the Indonesian military and Free Aceh Movement fighers, prior to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Indonesia and Free Aceh Movement. The qanun states that the commission is to be based on Islam, 'Aceh-ness', independence and impartiality, among other tenets. It stipulates the composition of the committee (seven members, including one chairperson and one vice-chairperson), as well as their functions, powers and responsibilities. It also stipulates the timeframes of the commission's investigations, phase one being from 4 December 1976-15 August 2005, and phase two being anything pre-4 December 1976. The eanun provides for reparations and reconciliation for the victims, as well as for the allocation and storage of data obtained throughout the commission's investigations.

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