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Open Letter to ISIS from Muslim Scholars

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Reconciling the Impermissibility of Conventional Options Contracts with the Bai’ al-Urbun

Civil Code of Iran- English

Omari and Omari [2012] ACTSC 33

Thumb pdf 54 0

Taffa & Taffa [2009] FamCA 85

Thumb pdf 55 0

Response of New Zealand Advertising Standards Complaints Board to Lux Body Wash Ad (1996)

Thumb pdf 56 0

Commentary on Acehnese Qanun No. 14 of 2003 on Khalwat (Close Proximity)

The Dubai International Financial Centre and a Systems-Based Model of Islamic Finance Regulation

The Shah Bano Case and Addressing Conflicts in India’s Muslim Family Law

Iran’s New Islamic Penal Code: Have International Criticisms Been Effective for Children and Juvenile Offenders?

Pakistan Constitution

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The Police Order (Pakistan)

Thumb pdf 284 0

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986

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The Danial Latifi Case and the Indian Supreme Court’s Balancing Act

Danial Latifi & Anr v. Union Of India

Thumb pdf 306 0

Sarabai v. Rabiabai

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Shamim Ara v. State of U.P.

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Unilateral Talaq and the Indian Supreme Court’s Responsiveness to Perceptions within India’s Muslim Community

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