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8 results for "legal pluralism"

Federal Courts of Sharia Consolidation Proclamation, No. 188/1999

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European Court of Human Rights Rules Against Forcing Greek Muslim Minority to Follow Islamic Law [Molla Sali v. Greece (ECHR 2018)]

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A legal and diplomatic justification of the Ottoman declaration of war against Russia, 1768: Legitimizing War within the Ottoman Empire

Islamic Law Lexicon :: Ḥadīth

Report of the Panel of Jurists Appointed by the Northern Region Government to Examine the Legal and Judicial Systems of the Region

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A Petition to the Ottoman Sultan from Egypt, 1155 AH (1742-3)

Country Profile: Namibia

Parepare Municipal Regulation No. 3 of 2007 on the Prohibition on Alcoholic Beverages

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