Parepare Municipal Regulation No. 3 of 2007 on the Prohibition on Alcoholic Beverages

In preambular statement (b), this regional regulation states that Parepare Municipal Regulation No. 6 of 1999 on the Retribution of Licensing for Alcohol Points of Sale needs to be revoked and replaced with a regulation that prohibits alcoholic beverages. It states that the prohibition on alcoholic beverages in this regulation is, among other things, a way of implementing religious values and the morals of a religious umat (community) (art 4). Accordingly, this regulation prohibits all legal entities and persons from producing, storing, distributing, channelling, placing, promoting, and selling alcoholic beverages in the region (art 5(1)), while all persons are prohibited from consuming alcohol in the region (art 5(2)). Foreigners visiting Parepare are exempted and may bring and consume alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of five per cent (art 6).

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