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253 results for "Sharīʿa"

Jantho Sharīʿa Court Indictment for Case No. 28 of 2017: Khalwat and Ikhtilath

Thumb pdf 3171 0

Commissioner of Police v. Abubakar Yakubu Tungar Tudu and Safiyatu Hussaini Tungar Tudu: Zinā Trial

Thumb pdf 2900 0

Safiyatu Hussaini Tungar Tudu v. The State: Appeal of Zinā Conviction

Thumb pdf 2901 0

Commissioner of Police, Katsina State v. Amina Lawal & Yahya Muhammed: Zinā Trial

Thumb pdf 2902 0

Amina Lawal v. Commissioner of Police, Katsina State: Appeal of Zinā Conviction

Thumb pdf 2903 0

Amina Lawal v. The State: Appeal of Zinā Conviction (2nd appeal)

Thumb pdf 2904 0

Review :: Clark Lombardi on Sharīʿa as a Source of Legislation

Awad v. Ziriax (10th Cir. 2012): Anti-Sharīʿa Amendment to State Constitution

Thumb pdf 2467 0

Report of the Panel of Jurists Appointed by the Northern Region Government to Examine the Legal and Judicial Systems of the Region

Thumb pdf 2802 0

Report of the Bauchi State Sharia Implementation Committee

Thumb pdf 2803 0

Niger State Penal Code (Amendment) Law 2000

Thumb pdf 2807 0

Civil Rights Sharīʿa and the Elections as a Part of the American Political Process

Interview on Islamic Finance: New Developments in Morocco's Sharīʿa-Compliant Banking

Whose Guardian: Sharīʿa or the Constitution? Judicial Review of Iran’s New Criminal Procedure Code

Banda Aceh Sharīʿa Court Indictment Case No. 49 of 2016: Khalwat

Thumb pdf 3165 0

Banda Aceh Sharīʿa Court Decision Case No. 49 of 2016: Khalwat

Thumb pdf 3166 0

Mai Tangaram v. Mai Taxi: Jurisdiction of the Sharīʿa Court of Appeal of Borno State, Nigeria

Thumb pdf 3328 0

Maina v Wakil: Legality of the Sharīʿa Courts of Borno State, Nigeria

Thumb pdf 3332 0

Musa Mohammed v. Commissioner of Police: Jurisdictional Challenge against the Sharīʿa Court of Niger State, Nigeria

Thumb pdf 3333 0

Takengon Sharīʿa Court Indictment and Decision Case No. 1 of 2016: The Selling of Alcohol by a Non-Muslim

Thumb pdf 3173 0

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