Banda Aceh Sharīʿa Court Decision Case No. 49 of 2016: Khalwat

MS and MA were found sitting together in a shack in Keudah Station, Banda Aceh. Both of them were planning to go to a concert together but decided to stop by Keudah Station before heading to the concert. Suspicious of their act, the witness named Efriyadi approached Marzuki and Marlina asking the nature of their gathering. MA and MA insisted that they were only sitting around without any intention to do more than that. Failing to show their marriage certificate on the scene, Efriyadi called the sharīʿa police.

In response to the indictment of the prosecutor on the case of MS and MA, the judge ruled against the defendants and pronounced both of them guilty of khalwat (close proximity between an unmarried man and woman). For this, both defendants are to be punished with seven public lashes.

Evidence used in the court:

  • One pair of jeans
  • One blouse
  • A pillow
  • Blue tarpaulin
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