Aceh Qanun No. 8 of 2013 on Tourism

This qanun regulates the tourism industry in Aceh, the implementation and coordination of which is based on faith and Islam (art 2(a)). The qanun requires tourists and tourism industry workers alike to adhere to Islamic values, and requires those working in the tourism industry to promote Islamic values. For instance, art 3(b) notes that one of the purposes of tourism in Aceh is to promote Aceh's Islamic historical and cultural values as a tourist attraction. Meanwhile, art 17(a) states that tourist attractions are to be cultivated with Islamic values in mind.

Articles 37 and 48 require hoteliers and restauranteurs, respectively, to ensure that their premises are not used in any manner that compromises public safety and order, or Islamic shari'a. Similarly, art 47(2) requires restaurants hosting performances by artists/singers to take into consideration Islamic requirements and this qanun.

Article 70 requires official tourist groups to conduct themselves in accordance with shari'a, while art 83 obliges Muslim tourists in Aceh to dress in accordance with Islam.

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