Kampar Regency Regulation No. 2 of 2013 on the Qur'anic Magrib People's Movement in Kampar Regency

This regional regulation makes provision for Gerakan Masyarakat Magrib Mengaji (Qur'anic Magrib People's Movement) and its activities. The aim of Gerakan Masyarakat Magrib Mengaji is to enable Muslims to understand fundamental religious teachings and to develop strong religious character (art 3). Its activities are designed for all Muslims, male and female, adult and child, in Kampar regency (art 4), and its curriculum focuses on Qur'anic literacy and practice (art 11). Activities are designed to activate the ummah through Qur'anic studies conducted at magrib (sundown), and costs associated with their implementation are borne by the Kampar Regency Expenditure and Income Budget, or other legitimate sources with no affiliation to the regional government (art 19).

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