Simeule Regency Qanun No. 31 of 2012 on Primary Qur'anic Education Administration

This qanun states that the administration of primary Qur'anic education (Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur'an - TPA) covers:

  1. Islamism;
  2. belief and God-mindfulness;
  3. utility;
  4. transparency;
  5. modelling;
  6. efficacy and efficiency; and
  7. accountability (art 2).

It states that TPA is designed to improve the Qur'anic and Arabic literacy of students between 4-17 years of age, and that there must be at least one TPA in every village with its own principal/head (art 4). The average term of TPA study for a student is two years, although it can be extended (art 8(1)). The TPA curriculum, at a minimum, is to comprise:

  1. Qur'anic literacy;
  2. pronunciation and intonation;
  3. worship;
  4. memorisation of short letters and selected verses;
  5. Qur'anic discussion;
  6. writing and connecting hijaiyah script;
  7. Islamic etiquette and memorisation of daily prayers;
  8. the tenets of dinul Islam; and
  9. to give infaq and sadaqah (art 19(1)).
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