North Aceh Regency Qanun No. 4 of 2012 on Education Administration

This qanun regulates the administration of education in North Aceh (Aceh Utara) regency. In its definition of 'education' (pendidikan) it states that one of the purposes of education is to develop religious spiritual strength in students (art 1(8)). The qanun also states that education administration in North Aceh is based on, among other things, the prinicple that education is for all without taking into consideration ethnicity, race, and religion, which accords with Islamic shari'a provisions (art 5(1)(b)). It also states that students are entitiled to obtain protection from treatment that contradicts norms, religion, religious legal ethics, and local customs and traditions (art 9(1)(f)). The qanun requires Muslim teachers and school principals to have a good level of Qur'anic literacy (arts 41 and 42).

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