Indonesian Council of Ulama Fatwa No. 35 of 2013 on Genetically Modified Organisms

This fatwa states that the genetic modification of flora, fauna, and microbes is permissible (mubah), provided that such modification:

  1. is conducted for human benefit;
  2. is not hazardous for either human beings or the environment; and
  3. does not involve the use of human genes or other human body parts.

Genetically-modified flora is deemed halal and permitted for use, provided that it:

  1. is of benefit; and
  2. is not hazardous.

Genetically-modified fauna is halal, provided that:

  1. the animal is fit for human consumption;
  2. it is of benefit; and
  3. it is not hazardous.

The use of genetically-modified organisms in food, medicine, and cosmetics is halal, provided that it:

  1. is of benefit;
  2. is not hazardous; and
  3. does not derive from forbidden (haram) sources.
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