Aceh Qanun No. 8 of 2014 on Islamic Principles

The scope of this qanun is confined to creed (aqidah), shari'a (syariah), and moral disposition (akhlak). The qanun defines moral disposition (akhlak) as symbolism (syiar) and proselytisation (dakwah), and shari'a as:

  1. worship (ibadah);
  2. family law (ahwal al-syakhshiyah);
  3. civil law (muamalah);
  4. criminal law (jinayat);
  5. judiciary (qadha');
  6. education (tarbiyah); and
  7. defence of Islam.

The qanun states that the implementation of the Islamic principles regulated therein is part of a more significant overall objective, that being to implement Islamic principles in their entirety. It places the responsibility to implement Islamic principles on the Acehnese government, as well as the regency/municipal governments within Aceh, mandating the governments to allocate at least five per cent of their respective budgets to facilitate such implementation. The qanun also obligates all Muslims in Aceh to adhere to Islamic principles and customs, and every legal entity domiciled in Aceh to respect the implementation of Islamic principles.

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