Aceh Shari'a Court Decision No. 32 of 2009

N passed away in 1963 and his wife B passed away in 1989. They stipulated as their beneficiaries their three children: B bin M (appellant), Z bin N (first respondent) and H binti M (deceased). H binti M passed away in 2006 and was survived by her husband M bin H (second respondent), as well as her five children (third-seventh respondents).

With regards to N and B's joint assets (several parcels of land) bequeathed to their children, the Meulaboh Shari'a Court (lower court) granted the three children the following shares: B bin M, as the son: 2/4; Z bin N, as a daughter: 1/4; and H binti N, as a daughter: 1/4. Of H binti N's 1/4 share, her husband (second respondent) was granted three-quarters, with the remainder being distributed between the children (third-seventh respondents), the daughters receiving 3/24, and the sole son 6/24.

In affirming the decision of the lower court, the Court noted that it had urged the parties to reconcile prior to and after its adjudication, but that the respondents had maintained their claim.

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