Bangil Religious Court Determination No. 623 of 2016: Application Withdrawn After Parties Reconcile

The plaintiff submitted that she and the defendant were married on 7 August 2015, after which time they had lived at the plaintiff's parents' home. While they had already consummated their marriage, the parties had no children. Initially, the parties' marriage had been harmonious, but for the past two weeks it had become quarrelsome. The plaintiff submitted that this was because the defendant had failed to provide for her financially. Moreover, the defendant had refused to look for work. Following their disagreement the defendant had returned to his parents' home. While the defendant had sought to reconcile with the plaintiff, the plaintiff had initially refused to do so.

While the plaintiff had initially requested an irrevocable divorce (talak satu ba'in sughra), she informed the court that she and the defendant had reconciled and that she would be withdrawing her application. The court directed the court registrar to withdraw the application and ordered the plaintiff to pay costs (IDR 241,000).

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