Bulukumba Religious Court Decision No. 756 of 2013

The parties were married on 30 May 2011. The applicant submitted that, in around 2012, the parties' home life had become disharmonious. This was primarily the result of the respondent often being angry with the applicant, and if the respondent was angry, she would often leave the home without saying where she was going. Problems escalated in May 2013 when the respondent left the home without saying, taking with her her clothes and some money. After being separated for six months, the applicant concluded that the only solution was to divorce the respondent.

Despite the respondent's absence in court, the court acceded to the applicant's request for a revocable divorce (talak satu raj'i). Acknowledging that marriage, as envisaged in art 1 of Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage, that being a happy family and domestic life, was no longer feasible, it granted the divorce on the grounds of ongoing conflict, pursuant to art 19(f) of Government Regulation No. 9 of 1975, and art 116(f) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws.

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