Kaimana Regency Regulation No. 3 of 2007 on the Prohibition on the Placement, Storage, Distribution and Sale and Production of Alcoholic Beverages in Kaimana Regency

This regional regulation is an example of a legislative instrument that, arguably, Islamises public life without making any express reference to Islam or religion (agama). It prohibits all importers, distributors, sub-distributors, and retailers from placing, storing, distributing, and selling alcoholic beverages in Kaimana regency, West Papua (Papua Barat) (art 3(1)). Similarly, pursuant to art 3(2), all persons are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, including traditional alcoholic beverages, as well as from entering Kaimana regency under the influence of alcohol, from bringing alcoholic beverages into Kaimana regency, and from producing alcoholic beverages from palm trees, arenga pinnata, and the like.

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