Sukabumi Religious Court Decision No. 465 of 2014: Irrevocable Divorce Application Withdrawn

The plaintiff submitted that, in March 2012, she and the defendant had begun to quarrel because the defendant would socialise with teenagers and return home in the middle of the night. When the plaintiff would inquire with the defendant as to why he had been out so late, the defendant would become angry and, while arguing with the plaintiff, start to damage household items, and physically assault the plaintiff, causing her to collapse.

In May 2012, the parties quarrelled because the defendant would often invite friends to spend the night. The plaintiff found this to be an invasion of her privacy. Then, in October 2014, the parties quarrelled because the plaintiff had misheard an instruction of the defendant, causing the defendant to become angry and manhandle the plaintiff in front of the defendant's parents. The quarrelling between the parties went on unabated until October 2014, when the parties separated.

While judicial mediation had been unsuccessful, the plaintiff declared during the proceeding that she had reconciled with the defendant and wished to withdraw her application for divorce. The court acceded to the plaintiff's decision.

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