Padang Panjang Religious Court Decision No. 97 of 2015: Irrevocable Divorce for a Fee Granted

The parties were married on 6 July 2008 and had one child (born on 23 January 2010). They had lived together in Singgalang for two months before moving to Padang, before then returning to live in Singgalang on 24 August 2014. Initially, the marriage was harmonious. After returning to live in Singgalang, however, the defendant, with the plaintiff's blessing, left to look for employment. The defendant never returned and left the plaintiff nothing of value to sell to provide herself and her child with financial support. At the time of the proceeding, the parties had already been separated for a year, and efforts on the part of the plaintiff and her family to locate the defendant had been in vain. Accordingly, the plaintiff requested that the Court grant her a divorce for a fee (talak satu khul'i).

Acknowledging that the defendant had breached points 2 and 4 of his wedding vows (sighat taklik talak), the court, purusant to art 116(g) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, acceded to the plaintiff's request and granted her a divorce for a fee (iwadh) of IDR 10,000.

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