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Amending Provisions of Family Law

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Country Profile: Greece

Constitution: Greece

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Thrace Muftī Opinion: Inheritance Distribution

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Notice of Donation to Islamic Waqf in Thrace

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Thrace Muftī Opinion: Muslim Parents Giving Their Child to a Christian for Adoption

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Letter Granting the Responsibility of Mu'adhdhin (Thrace, 1961)

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Letter Bestowing the Duty of Khatīb (Thrace, 1951)

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Thrace Muftī Opinion: Custody of Children in a Divorce

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Thrace Muftī Opinions: Division of Property between a Woman's Son and Daughter

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Thrace Muftī Opinion: Transferring Property Through a Will

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European Court of Human Rights Rules Against Forcing Greek Muslim Minority to Follow Islamic Law [Molla Sali v. Greece (ECHR 2018)]

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