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1963 Moroccan Penal Code

Thumb pdf 431 0

1965 Moroccan Court Unification Law

Thumb pdf 432 0

1914 Decree on Berber Affairs

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The Limits of State Religion in the Moroccan 'Baha'i Affair'

Sharifian Decree of 1957 - The Mudawwana: Law of Personal Status

Thumb pdf 636 0

Country Profile: Morocco

Country Profile: South Sudan

Country Profile: Sudan

Country Profile: Algeria

Country Profile: Libya

Country Profile: Tunisia

Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief and Jury Demand in Sarsour v. Trump (E.D. Va. 2017): Opposing the "Muslim Ban" 2.0

Thumb pdf 2851 0

Constitution: South Sudan

Thumb pdf 2884 0

Constitution: Sudan

Thumb pdf 2887 0

Comparing the Religion-State Divide in the Arab World: Constitutions

Thumb pdf 2897 0

Circulaire Bank al-Maghrib

Thumb pdf 2914 0

Interview on Islamic Finance: New Developments in Morocco's Sharīʿa-Compliant Banking

Sudan Penal Code, 1899

Thumb pdf 2806 0

Constitution: Libya

Thumb pdf 2826 0

Ibn Rushd I (d. 520/1126) on Cross-Confessional Testimony

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