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The Shah Bano Case and Addressing Conflicts in India’s Muslim Family Law

Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986

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The Danial Latifi Case and the Indian Supreme Court’s Balancing Act

Danial Latifi & Anr v. Union Of India

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Sarabai v. Rabiabai

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Shamim Ara v. State of U.P.

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Unilateral Talaq and the Indian Supreme Court’s Responsiveness to Perceptions within India’s Muslim Community

Constitution of India

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Opening the Door to Constitutional Challenges to Muslim Personal Law in India, with Polygamy as a Starting Point

Khursheed Ahmad Khan v. State of U.P.

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The State of Bombay v. Narasu Appa Mali

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Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India (Supreme Court of India, 2014)

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Shamim Ara and the Divorce Politics of a Secular and Modern India

Country Profile: India

Shayara Bano v. Union of India, etc. (Supreme Court of India): Judgment on Constitutionalism of Triple Ṭalāq

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In Response to the Indian Supreme Court’s Recent Decision on Triple Ṭalāq: A Legislative Proposal

Women’s Right to Divorce under Islamic Law in Pakistan and India

Constitution: India

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The Aga Khan Case (High Court of Bombay): Judgment on Authority in Ismaili Community

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Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India (2014) and the Uncertain Boundaries of Muslim Personal Law in India

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