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Commentary on Acehnese Qanun No. 14 of 2003 on Khalwat (Close Proximity)

The Dubai International Financial Centre and a Systems-Based Model of Islamic Finance Regulation

The Shah Bano Case and Addressing Conflicts in India’s Muslim Family Law

The Danial Latifi Case and the Indian Supreme Court’s Balancing Act

Unilateral Talaq and the Indian Supreme Court’s Responsiveness to Perceptions within India’s Muslim Community

Opening the Door to Constitutional Challenges to Muslim Personal Law in India, with Polygamy as a Starting Point

Pakistan’s Federal Shariat Court and the Islamization of Prison Laws Judgment of 2009: Continued Expansion of Jurisdiction

Malaysia and the Centralized Model of Islamic Finance Regulation

The US, the UK, and the Model of Competitive Equality

The Comparative Costs and Benefits of Models of Islamic Finance Regulation

The Limits of State Religion in the Moroccan 'Baha'i Affair'

Codifying Polygamy in the 1957 Moroccan Mudawwana

Judges on Cushions and Under Trees: Thoughts on “Qadi Justice” and Hyperpolemics

Civil Rights Sharīʿa and the Elections as a Part of the American Political Process

Women’s Right to Divorce under Islamic Law in Pakistan and India

Shamim Ara and the Divorce Politics of a Secular and Modern India

In Response to the Indian Supreme Court’s Recent Decision on Triple Ṭalāq: A Legislative Proposal

Arbitrariness and the Burden of Proof in New Acehnese Cases of “Moral Crimes”

The Prosecution of an Unregistered Married Couple in Aceh

Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India (2014) and the Uncertain Boundaries of Muslim Personal Law in India

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