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Commentary on Acehnese Qanun No. 14 of 2003 on Khalwat (Close Proximity)

Iran’s New Islamic Penal Code: Have International Criticisms Been Effective for Children and Juvenile Offenders?

The Limits of State Religion in the Moroccan 'Baha'i Affair'

Whose Guardian: Sharīʿa or the Constitution? Judicial Review of Iran’s New Criminal Procedure Code

Right to Counsel and the Problem of Distrust

The Case of Asia Bibi: Public Opinion and her Fight for Justice in Pakistan

The Authority and Jurisdiction of the Acehnese Mahkamah Syar’iyah Within the Indonesian Justice System

The Prosecution of an Unregistered Married Couple in Aceh

The Myth of Voluntary Surrendering to Islamic Law: An Analysis of the Lashing of Non-Muslims Under the Acehnese Islamic Criminal Law

Analysis: The Case of the Christian Who Wanted to be Executed (10th-C. Andalusia)

Arbitrariness and the Burden of Proof in New Acehnese Cases of “Moral Crimes”

Pakistan’s Federal Shariat Court and the Islamization of Prison Laws Judgment of 2009: Continued Expansion of Jurisdiction