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The Dubai International Financial Centre and a Systems-Based Model of Islamic Finance Regulation

The Shah Bano Case and Addressing Conflicts in India’s Muslim Family Law

Iran’s New Islamic Penal Code: Have International Criticisms Been Effective for Children and Juvenile Offenders?

The Danial Latifi Case and the Indian Supreme Court’s Balancing Act

Unilateral Talaq and the Indian Supreme Court’s Responsiveness to Perceptions within India’s Muslim Community

Opening the Door to Constitutional Challenges to Muslim Personal Law in India, with Polygamy as a Starting Point

Malaysia and the Centralized Model of Islamic Finance Regulation

The US, the UK, and the Model of Competitive Equality

The Comparative Costs and Benefits of Models of Islamic Finance Regulation

Judges on Cushions and Under Trees: Thoughts on “Qadi Justice” and Hyperpolemics

Analysis: The Case of the Christian Who Wanted to be Executed (10th-C. Andalusia)

Analysis: The Judge, the Vizier, and the Ruler

DNA Tests in Morocco: Marking a Historic Turn in Islamic Law

The Move Toward Cohabitation: Islamic Marriage in England and Wales