Aceh Qanun No. 2 of 2003 on the Structure, Standing and Authority of the Regencies or Municipalities in the Province of Aceh

This qanun divides Aceh into regencies (kabupaten) and municipalities (kota), which have vested power to regulate and coordinate their own domestic affairs. These regencies or municipalities are divided into sub-districts (kecamatan), which are administrative zones directly beneath, and responsible to, the relevant regent (bupati) or mayor (walikota). Sub-districts are then divided into residential (mukim) zones, headed by a residential head (imuem Mukim), which are divided into villages (gampong) and headed by a Keuchik.

The qanun also regulates the budgets and spending of these different areas, the powers of the regents and mayors, as well as the legislative powers of the regencies/municipalities.

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