Padang Religious Court Decision No. 664 of 2014: Irrevocable Divorce Granted

The parties were married on 6 June 2003, in accordance with Islamic tradition. The plaintiff told the court that, shortly after the parties were married, they quarrelled regularly. This was a result of the defendant's:

  1. lack of transparency with the plaintiff in terms of how much money he was earning;
  2. lack of care for the plaintiff, including not attending the hospital after she had given birth to their child;
  3. lack of care for their children;
  4. family meddling in the parties' domestic affairs;
  5. having had an extra-marital affair, which the plaintiff confirmed when she saw the defendant giving a lift to another woman on his motorcycle; and
  6. having had yet another extra-marital affair, with another woman, which the plaintiff confirmed when the defendant brought the woman to her parents' home.

The plaintiff also submitted that when the parties would quarrel, the defendant would often direct profanities at the plaintiff, and that the defendant had physically assaulted the plaintiff, including punching the plaintiff, causing her cheek to bleed and bruise badly. The defendant had also allegedly pointed a knife at the plaintiff and threatened to kill her if she were to request a divorce.

After the judges counselled the plaintiff with regards to the consequences of divorce and the benefits of remaining married, under Islamic law, the plaintiff chose to withdraw her application for divorce.

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