Aceh Shari'a Court Decision No. 26 of 2009

B bin B's two beneficiaries, his sons Z bin B and A bin B, passed away in 1964 and 2007 respectively. Z bin B's beneficiaries were his daughters N binti Z (the appellant) and H binti Z (first respondent). A bin B's beneficiaries were his children Y bin A (second respondent), M bin A (third respondent), MZ bin A (fourth respondent), N Binti A (fifth respondent) and NU Binti A (sixth respondent).

As the beneficiaries under B bin B's will had passed away (A bin A and Y bin A), the Bireuen Shari'a Court (lower court) divided shares in the 1600m-squared parcel of land bequeathed to them to their beneficiaries (the parties). N binti Z and H binti Z were granted a 25 per cent share each, Y bin A, M bin A and MZ bin A 12.5 per cent each, and N binti A and NU binti A 6.25 per cent each.

The appellant successfully challenged the lower court's ruling, the Court rendering the decision null and void because the lower court had determined more than requested by the appellant. While the appellant had only requested that the lower court stipulate she and the first respondent to be beneficiaries under Z bin B's will, that Z bin B's estate be distributed, and that the lower court define their individual claims to the estate, the lower court had also stipulated the beneficiaries to B bin B's will, and divided B bin B's estate.

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