Aceh Shari'a Court Decision No. 24 of 2009

The appellant sought to challenge the decision of the Banda Aceh Shari'a Court, which had granted the respondent a revocable divorce (talak satu raj'i), stipulated the joint assets of the parties to be distributed 50/50 between the parites, and ordered the respondent to pay the following maintenance: IDR 10 million (iddah - 100-day period after divorce has been granted, and kiswah - clothing); and half the value of the Isuzu Panther Pick Up vehicle (mut'ah - divorce compensation). The Court agreed with much of the decision of the lower court. It rejected the lower court's quantification of mut'ah, however, stating that mut'ah may not exceed the quantum of the appellant's claim, or be attached to any joint assets. The Court also stipulated that the following objects, subject of the parties' claims, were joint assets: 50 grams of gold, a fisherman dealer pump station in Peudada, a home built with joint money in Keutapang, and another home and land in Cinta Kasih, Pante Riek.

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