Aceh Shari'a Court Decision No. 19 of 2008

The parties were previously married and had sought a ruling from the Lhokseumawe Shari'a Court in regards to what constituted joint assets as acquired during the time of their marriage.

The Lhoksemawe Shari'a Court had determined which assets were joint assets, and these included two vehicles (one for which money was still owed), several plots of land, a house, and credit card debt owed to Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

Despite restipulating many of the same joint assets as the lower court, the Court rendered the ruling of the lower court null and void and adjudicated on its own. It found that some evidence provided did not constitute a sworn statement, rendering an allegation that the respondent had a debt of IDR 15 million to be inadmissible. The Court also found that the lower court had erred in not declaring a home a joint asset, despite the appellant stating as much.

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