Sukabumi Religious Court Decision No. 441 of 2014: Plaintiff Withdraws Application After Reconciling With Defendant

The plaintiff submitted that, since January 2009, the parties' marriage had become disharmonious because:

  1. the parties would often quarrel because the defendant was not transparent regarding his finances, only ever providing the plaintiff with daily spending money (the plaintiff did not know how much the defendant earned);
  2. since having had their first child, the plaintiff would have to ask the defendant, sometimes after having been brought to tears, for physical intimacy;
  3. the defendant always refused invitations to family gatherings at the plaintiff's parents' home for Eid;
  4. by 2011, the parties were still quarrelling over the same matters, despite the plaintiff's attempts to be patient with the defendant, and the defendant would only alter his behaviour if he needed something from the plaintiff;
  5. in 2012, the defendant still refused to attend the plaintiff's parents' home for Eid;
  6. finally, on 27 September 2014, the plaintiff invited the defendant to her parents' home, but the defendant refused to attend and instead told the plaintiff to return to her parents' home alone, which she did.

Since then the parties had remained separated. The plaintiff, however, withdrew her case in court stating that she and the defendant had reconciled their differences. The defendant concurred, assenting to the case's withdrawal.

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