Resolution 90/7/9 Concerning Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the Fiqh Rules Applicable to It

Resolution 90/7/9 (“Resolution”) cites primarily to a compendium of “research papers forwarded to the [IIFA] on the subject of AIDS” and to the Qur’an.  The Resolution addresses six different issues relevant to the treatment of individuals diagnosed with AIDS: (1) it is not necessary to isolate patients; (2) deliberate transmission of AIDS to a healthy individual is haram—Shari’a proscribed—and is “considered among the major evil sins and transgressions”; (3) abortion of a fetus by a mother infected with AIDS is impermissible; (4) it is permissible for a mother infected by AIDS to retain custody of her child and to breastfeed her child; (5) it is permissible for a wife to seek separation from a husband infected with AIDS; and (6) AIDS is considered terminal according to Shari’a when “all of its symptoms are present and the victim is no longer capable of carrying out ordinary living, and death is imminent.”

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