Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006 :: A Sourcebook, Volume I: Historical Background

This volume documents Nigeria’s “Settlement of 1960,” under which, as part of the run-up to Nigerian Independence, important changes were made to the laws and legal institutions of the Northern Region. These included abrogation of Islamic criminal law (as well all varieties of “ethnic” criminal law and custom formerly applied) in favor of new Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes applicable in all courts to all persons irrespective of location, ethnicity, or religion; and establishment of a new Sharia Court of Appeal for the Region. The programs of sharīʿa implementation that began in 1999 sought to reverse, for the sharīʿa states, key elements of the 1960 Settlement. The documents published here include the 1958 “Report of the Panel of Jurists” that recommended most of the changes made in 1960, and a number of memorandums written in 1962 for the returning Panel of Jurists, discussing how the changes had been effected and how they were working out. Vol. I begins with an essay on “The Settlement of 1960 and Why It Still Matters Today,” and a 16-page “Who Was Who.”

These materials are a part of The Nigeria Papers – a SHARIAsource Special Collection, compiled and edited by Independent Scholar Philip Ostien and others.

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