Aceh Qanun No. 12 of 2003 on Alcoholic Beverages

This qanun regulates the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It outlines that any beverages containing alcohol are haram (forbidden) and the consumption thereof is prohibited (arts 4 and 5). All persons and entities are prohibited from producing, preparing, selling, distributing, transporting, storing, stockpiling, trading in, gifting, and promoting, alcoholic beverages (art 6). The qanun also prohibits assisting with, or being complicit in, any of the above activities. The qanun's objective is to protect the Acehnese from being involved in any activity that can lead to the destruction of mind. The qanun also regulates the investigation and prosecution of those suspected of, or found to be guilty of, any of the above alcohol-related activities. It outlines that anyone, regardless of their nationality, will be made subject to this qanun if they are found selling or distributing alcoholic beverages. The qanun prescribes 40 strokes of the cane (art 26(1)), imprisonment or payment of a fine (art 26(2)), as an alternative to offenders.

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