Indonesian Council of Ulama Fatwa No. 53 of 2016 on the Implementation of Friday Prayers, Remembrances, and Religious Activities in Places Other than Mosques

This fatwa, among other things, states that every Muslim male who has reached puberty (baligh), and has no legitimate excuse ('udzur syar'i), is obliged to perform the Friday prayer (shalat jum'at). Legitimate excuses include travelling (safar), illness, rain, disaster, and work duties that cannot be neglected. Efforts to uphold the law do not qualify as a legitimate excuse. Friday prayers are normally to be conducted in a building, preferably a mosque. In certain instances, however, they may be conducted in places other than mosques, provided that place is in a residential area. If Friday prayers are conducted outside a mosque, the following conditions must be met:

  1. the devoutness of the prayers must be guaranteed;
  2. the venue must be clean;
  3. the prayers must not disturb the welfare of the public;
  4. authorities must be informed in order that they may secure and manage traffic; and
  5. current legal regulations must be met.

The fatwa also recommends that the government guarantee its citizens' right to worship, and that it facilitate the safe, comfortable, solemn, and protected implementation thereof.

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