Takengon Shari'a Court Decision No. 1 of 2014: Khalwat Case Dismissed For Insufficient Evidence

The prosecution submitted that, on 5 September 2013 at approximately 11.00pm in Mongal, Bebesen in Central Aceh (Aceh Tengah), the two co-accused had been found in seclusion together out of wedlock (khalwat), contrary to arts 4, 5, and 22(1) of Aceh Qanun No. 14 of 2003. The second accused had collected the first accused in a silver Toyota vehicle after the first accused had finished working at the local general hospital. While purchasing rice and mobile phone credit, the first co-accused was asked by a witness, Sabri Tarius, who the second co-accused was. The first co-accused told the witness he was simply a friend. When the two co-accused left in the Toyota, they were followed by the witnesses in their vehicle around Takengon.

The court found, however, that the prosecution had failed to establish that the two co-accused had actually committed khalwat. More specifically, that a photograph of the two co-accused together and the Toyota vehicle were insufficient evidence to establish the allegations made.

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