Sabang Shari'a Court Decision No. 1 of 2015: Gambling

The accused allegedly facilitated gambling for other persons, contrary to arts 6 and 23(1) of Qanun No. 13 of 2003 on Gambling. Items used in the prohibited activities included one mobile phone, two bingo (togel) sheets were written, and IDR 3 million in cash. In finding the accused guilty of the offence, the court acknowledged that Allah prohibits every Muslim from gambling, as contained in Qur'anic verses 90 and 91 in Surah Almaidah. The court, pursuant to art 23(1) of Qanun No. 13 of 2003, initially prescribed seven strokes of the cane but, in light of time already served in detention, as prescribed in art 23(2) and (3) of Qanun No. 7 of 2013 on Criminal Procedure, reduced the punishment to six strokes.

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