Kuala Simpang Shari'a Court Determination No. 21 of 2016: Marriage Ratification Application Withdrawn

The applicant submitted that, on 2 July 1984, he had married Khairum Sofia binti Nurdin in accordance with Islam at the local office of religious affairs in Seruway, Aceh Tamiang. They had three children, all of whom were married, the youngest of whom was the respondent. Khairum Sofia binti Nurdin had died on 8 January 2014 due to illness. An official record of their marriage had been lost during a flood in 2006 and the applicant had submitted an application that his nuptials be ratified in order that he might access his retirement pension.

The respondent's submission corroborated with all of the applicant's submissions except the submission that he was the applicant's biological child from his marriage to Khairum Sofia binti Nurdin. In actual fact, the respondent submitted, he was the biological child of the applicant's first marriage to a woman named Aminah. Acknowledging this fact, the applicant withdrew his application as it stood. The court acceded to the applicant's withdrawal.

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