Temanggung Religious Court Determination No. 103 of 2013: Child Marriage Application Withdrawn

The applicant submitted that he had married a woman by the name of M binti S on 25 November 1996, with whom he had a child aged 15 years and 8 months (born on 29 September 1997). The child had requested the applicant's permission to marry, and the applicant had granted his permission because he considered his child already an adult and in love with her fiance, who was 20 years and 3 months of age (born on 21 March 1993). Moreover, the applicant's child and her fiance had known each other for a year and had been engaged since March 2013. The applicant had already requested the permission of the head of his local Office of Religious Affairs, but the application had been dismissed.

The applicant had, therefore, filed an application with the court for a judicial determination granting his daughter permission to marry as a minor. After receiving the counsel of the court, however, the applicant withdrew his application and agreed to postpone his child's wedding until she was of age.

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