Bulukumba Religious Court Decision No. 5 of 2015: Underage Marriage Dispensation

The applicant was the father of a child (18 years and eight months; DOB: 18 May 1996) who wanted to marry his fiancee. The applicant's child and the child's fiancee had already received the blessing of both his and her families to marry. The applicant had made all the necessary administrative arrangements with the relevant village office (Kantor Desa) and Office of Religious Affairs, but his application had been dismissed on the grounds that his child was under the legislated age of 19. Accordingly, the applicant sought dispensation from the court so that his child's marriage could be expedited.

The court granted the necessary dispensation, pursuant to art 7(1) and (2) of Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage, and art 15(2) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, convinced that the relationship was legitimate and that if they were not permitted to marry, they would most likely conduct themselves in an illegal manner (become physically intimate).

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