Wonosobo Religious Court Decision No. 1164 of 2015: Irrevocable Divorce for a Fee Granted

The parties were married on 17 November 2011, after which they had lived with the plaintiff's parents for approximately seven months. While they had already consummated the marriage, the parties had no children. The plaintiff submitted that, since June 2012, the marriage had been unstable because the defendant had left the plaintiff, ostensibly to work in Kalimantan. In actual fact, however, he would never return. On the grounds that the defendant had breached his marriage vows (taklik talak), the plaintiff requested the court grant her an irrevocable divorce for a fee (talak satu khul'i) of IDR 10,000.

After hearing from the plaintiff's witnesses, the court acceded to the plaintiff's request. The court, pursuant to art 19(b) of Government Regulation No. 9 of 1975, and art 116(b) and (g) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, granted the plaintiff an irrevocable divorce for a fee on the grounds that the parties had been separated for more than two consecutive years, and that the defendant had breached his marriage vows.

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