Kajen Religious Court Determination No. 37 of 2016: Child Adoption

The parties were married on 26 May 2012. They had lived together in the village of Ambokembang, Kedunwuni, Pekalongan for three years and ten months, but had no children. Pursuant to art 171(h) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, the parties sought to adopt a 40-day old child whose parents, due to their own financial hardship, were unable to provide for their child.

On the facts, and in accordance with Islamic law as it applies in Indonesia, the court acceded to the parties' application for adoption. The court stipulated that between the parties and their adopted child now existed a legal relationship of compulsory inheritance (wasiat wajibah), whereby the child would inherit one-third of his/her adoptive parents' estate, and vice versa, pursuant to art 209 of the Compilation of Islamic Laws.

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