Gorontalo Provincial Regulation No. 16 of 2015 on the Surveillance and Control of the Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages

In preambular statement (a), this regional regulation states that alcoholic beverages can endanger physical and mental health, threaten the lives of the future generations of the nation, disturb security, peace and public order, and become a driving factor in the occurrence of acts of violence and criminality, as well as other undesirable conduct that is contrary to the philosophy of Gorontalo province: 'Adat bersendikan Syara, Syara bersendikan Kitabullah' ('custom found upon Islamic law, Islamic law found upon the Qur'an').

While the regulation does not place a blanket prohibition on alcohol, it does prohibit the importation, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages with an ethanol content exceeding 55 per cent (art 12(1)), and prohibits all persons from bringing alcoholic beverages into Gorontalo province from overseas (art 13(1)). It also prohibits the sale of alcohol in a variety of places, including near places of worship, schools, residential areas, and hospitals (art 14(1)), as well as its consumption in public (art 15).

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