Gorontalo Provincial Regulation No. 10 of 2003 on Vice Prevention

In preambular statement (a), this regional regulation states that Gorontalo province is a customary law region (Daerah Hukum Adat), whose culture is based on the philosophy of 'Adat bersendikan Syara, Syara bersendikan Kitabullah' ('custom found upon Islamic law, Islamic law found upon the Qur'an'), which needs to be maintained. Accordingly, it seeks to regulate and prohibit immoral behaviour that damages the societal fabric of Gorontalo, and which contradicts religious norms, morality and customs (art 2(1)). The regulation prohibits:

  1. sexual relations out of wedlock, including adultery and prostitution (zina) (arts 3 and 4);
  2. illegitimate marriage (art 5);
  3. rape and sexual abuse (art 6);
  4. pornoaction and pornography (art 7);
  5. gambling (art 8);
  6. alcohol consumption in non-designated areas (art 9(1));
  7. being intoxicated in a public place (art 9(2)); and
  8. narcotics distribution and abuse (art 10).

Contravention of arts 3-8 and 9(2) carries a maximum penalty of six months' imprisonment or a fine of IDR 5 million (art 14(1)), while contravention of art 10 carries a maximum penalty of IDR 5 million or a loss of trading licence (art 14(2)).

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