Berau Regency Regulation No. 2 of 2007 on the Prohibition on Prostitution

In its preambular statement, this regional regulation states that prostitution constitutes behaviour that is contrary to religious norms, legal norms, and morality, which has a negative impact on the pillars of society. Moreover, that prostitution countermeasures require efforts to prevent, surveil, rehabilitate, and control perpetrators, as well as efforts to restore societal cultural noble values that are orderly, secure, religious, and dynamic. Accordingly, all persons in the regency are prohibited from soliciting prostitution or operating a brothel (art 2(1) and (2)). Similarly, all persons are prohibited from encouraging or coercing another person into soliciting prostitution (art 3(1)). All persons are also prohibited from making any public display of affection (art 3(3)). Contravention of any of the provisions contained in this regulation carries a maximum penalty of six months' imprisonment or a fine of IDR 50 million (art 9(1)).

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