Banjarmasin Municipal Regulation No. 3 of 2010 on the Handling of Vagrancy, Beggars and Sexual Promiscuity

In preambular statement (c), this regional regulation states that begging constitutes a mental illness or laziness not in accordance with religious teachings, while sexual promiscuity constitutes conduct that is contrary to social and religious norms, that endangers young lives, and increases the spread of HIV/AIDS. The regulation states that the handling of vagrancy and begging, as well as sexual promiscuity, is based on the values of the Pancasila ('five principles' - Indonesian state ideology), and principles of human rights (art 2). The regulation prohibits vagrancy and begging (art 4(1), and prohibits such behaviour en masse or alone, with the intent to engender pity in others (art 4(2)). Moreover, it prohibits the equipping of other persons, including babies and infants, to beg (art 4(3)). It also prohibits prostitution and sexual promiscuity (arts 7 and 8).

Violation of art 4(1) and (2) carries a maximum penalty of three months' imprisonment or IDR 1 million (art 20(1)), while contravention of art 4(3) and (4) carries a maximum penalty of 15 days' imprisonment and/or a fine of between IDR 5-50 million (art 20(2)), and contravention of arts 7 and 8 carries maximum penalties of three months' imprisonment and/or IDR 50 million (art 20(5)-(7)).

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