Tanah Laut Regency Regulation No. 10 of 2006 on Ramadhan Activity Special Provisions

This regional regulation prohibits all persons from opening restaurants, roadside stalls (warung), shops, and the like, as well as from serving food and drink during the month of Ramadhan in Tanah Laut regency, South Kalimantan (art 2(1)). Similarly, it prohibits all persons from eating, drinking, and/or smoking in public places (art 2(2)). These prohibitions apply from predawn (imsak) until the fast is broken (art 2(3)). All persons are also prohibited from conducting activities that disturb the peace, including conducting activities to wake people for their last meal (bagarakan sahur) if they disturb the peace (art 2(4)). The earliest such bagarakan sahur activities may start is 3.00am (art 2(5)). In addition, the operations of all places of general entertainment, such as karaoke, discotheques, and the like, are prohibited during Ramadhan (art 2(6)).

Contravention of art 2(1) or (6) carries a maximum penalty of three months' imprisonment and/or a fine of IDR 50 million (art 5(1)), while contravention of art 2(2) or (4) carries a maximum penalty of 15 days' imprisonment and/or a fine of IDR 100,000 (art 5(2)).

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