Palembang Municipal Regulation No. 2 of 2004 on the Eradication of Prostitution

This is an example of a regional regulation that, arguably, Islamises public life without making specific reference to Islam or religion (agama). It intends to prohibit various forms of prostitution, acknowledging the effect they have on public order and people's mental state. Eradicating prostitution thereby facilitates an orderly, regulated, moral, ethical, and noble society (art 2). The regulation defines prostitution as knowingly seeking sexual satisfaction outwide of wedlock for a fee (art 8(1)). It also includes in its definition of prostitution:

  1. homosexual relations;
  2. lesbian relations;
  3. sodomy;
  4. sexual abuse; and
  5. other pornographic behaviour (art 8(2)).

Contravention of this regulation can result in a maximum prison sentence of six months and/or a maximum monetary fine of IDR 5 million (art 9(1)).

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