Kerinci Regency Regulation No. 18 of 2012 on the Eradication of Social Ills

This regional regulation makes provision for the eradication of social ills. It defines social ills as:

  1. prostitution (both homosexual and heterosexual in nature);
  2. drinking and selling alcohol and/or traditional alcoholic beverages;
  3. opening a food and beverage stall during Ramadhan;
  4. cock-fighting gambling activities;
  5. lending money at a particular interest rate, with or without a guarantee, or with unofficial instalments;
  6. vigilantism;
  7. posting indecent images in public that contravene traditional and religious norms and mores;
  8. women or men showing their aurat (parts of the body required to be clothed in public according to Islam);
  9. toto gelap (number-predicting gaming); and
  10. being intoxicated in a public place (art 2(1)).

The regulation states that the regent or an appointed officer is authorised to order the cessation of all social ill-related activities, purusant to current regulations and customary/religious norms (art 5(b)). Penalties for such conduct range from IDR 15-50 million and/or three months' imprisonment (art 11).

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