Pasaman Regency Regulation No. 2 of 2009 on the Prohibition on Alcoholic Beverages

This regional regulation prohibits the production, distribution, trade, offering, stockpiling, storage, carrying and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages (art 4(1)). This prohibition applies to all persons in the territory of Pasaman regency, including foreigners (art 4(2)). Production of alcohol can result in a maximum prison sentence of three months or a fine of up to IDR 10 million (art 12), while any form of distribution can result in a maximum sentence of two months and 15 days, or a fine of up to IDR 8.5 million (art 13).

This regulation is an example of a legislative instrument that, arugably, seeks to Islamise public life, but makes no reference to religion (agama) or Islam. Rather, it is couched in terms of social order and the damaging effects alcohol can have on society.

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