Agam Regency Regulation No. 6 of 2009 on Alcohol Countermeasures

This regional regulation prohibits the production, sale, purchase, storage, distribution, possession, and/or control, of alcoholic beverages (art 4). Only three-five star hotels are exempted from this prohibition (art 5). In its elucidation, the regulation states that the vision of Agam is to create an Islamic public life, through education, dakwah (Islamic proselytisation and propagation), and the fostering of Islam. It also states that Islam is not the only religion that does not tolerate the consumption of alcohol, citing the impact it can have on people's health, as well as the effect it has on those on the periphery. The elucidation also cites Minangkabau culture and custom, based on the adage 'Adat basandi syara', syara' basandi Kitabullah' ('tradition founded upon Islamic law, Islamic law founded upon the Qur'an'), meaning that alcohol is both haram (forbidden) and prohibited at a customary level.

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